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Perhaps no other industry has been as impacted by rapid advancements in technology as the retail industry. The Internet has opened up new markets to you – and your competitors. A proliferation of devices has changed the way consumers shop, in-store and online. Retailers now have access to data about consumers and markets that they couldn’t even dream of ten years ago.

In retail, an all-out battle is being waged for the heart of the customer. Some retailers are approaching it piecemeal, making improvements here and there. Other retailers, like Eason, a 125-year-old book retailer in Ireland, are using technology to completely redesign the customer’s shopping experience. But is it worth it? Already plagued by thin margins, that’s the question many retailers are asking themselves.

Throughout this eBook, we’ll take a closer look at the trends impacting the retail industry. We’ll also look at strategies for leveraging these trends to drive profitability by putting customers at the heart of your business.

Hang on tight. The industry is changing quickly, and this promises to be a rollercoaster ride. But we believe the rapid advancement in technology can help retailers become more than just transactional businesses. With the right technologies combined with a solid plan, retailers can build long-term, satisfying relationships with customers, connecting to them on a personal level and making them feel like part of the brand.


For some shopping is about the destination, for others the journey, yet for some customers – it’s simply about the experience! And when that experience is golden – people want to come back for more.


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